High Acuity
Receiving Centre including RAPTOR Major Trauma
Hybrid Theatre

The Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital is one of 8 projects from the governments New Hospital Programme and will go operationally live before the end of the year.

The 10,100m2 development is a £67M investment, further supported with charity donations for the new rooftop helideck and new RAPTOR Operating Theatre.

The chosen site was enabled by DAY / NCA in 2017 following the partial demolition and reconfiguration of the existing Clinical Sciences Building at Salford Royal Hospital.

DAY has supported the NCA since SOC Submission in 2018, through to practical completion earlier this year.

"As Clinical Director for Major Trauma at Salford Royal, I can't wait to work in a building designed to provide the facilities required to deliver excellent care to victims of major trauma and will be home to the UK's first hybrid trauma theatre for patients who have multiple serious injuries"

Dr Shelia Tose